Everyone deserves to get what they paid for.

Laptop manufacturers might disagree. We’re looking to change that.

We’ve had enough, laptop manufacturers.

It’s hard to say exactly when this trouble started, or who is even to blame for it getting this bad. Regardless, we’re faced with our current reality: companies would rather screw their customers out of their money than deliver on the promised product.

That $1,000 laptop your friend bought and had to do three separate RMAs on until it was working properly? Part of the problem. That $300 laptop your grandparents bought that the hinges ripped out of within a year? Part of the problem. Even the gaming laptop you bought a year ago that thermal throttles itself to death is part of the issue here.

Companies absolutely do not care how their products appear to anyone but reviewers at this point. If a reviewer won’t notice a design flaw within the few weeks to a month of non-invasive testing they do, who cares? Customers will just send it in for RMA, we’ll lower their expectations for quality, and keep raking in the cash.

There’s this overarching attitude in the industry of grooming the consumers into tolerating this absolutely abhorrent treatment from manufacturers and it needs to stop. We need to stop putting up with this horrible behavior and do something about it.

Here’s where we come in.

There’s only so much you as an individual can do, but we’re here to represent you. Nothing gets done in the business world without an organization applying pressure, and we’re here to do that.

We’re developing a strict, standardized set of tests to determine the overall quality of laptops. The tests range from build quality and screen tests, all the way to performance and stress testing. Nobody deserves to suffer with a slow, laggy laptop with a terrible screen – even if the laptop you’re buying is only $300.

Part of the Laptop Quality Certification Groups’ website will be an online forum where members of the public can help us improve our testing. While we’re looking to develop a set of standards with the help of big players in the review space (send us an email if you’ve got the chops to help out), we also need to know what you folks want.

Plus, you will be able to report wide-spread issues with laptops (or even how companies are handling issues) on the forum so we can investigate. We’re here for you, after all, and we’re listening.

Who’s on the LQCG council?

Council Member

Loki Rautio

Council Member

Want to participate in the LQCG Council? Reach out to get involved. We’re looking for knowledgeable folks to help out!

Want to help with the standard?

We will be publishing the first edition of the standard sometime in the next few weeks. If you want to participate in the creation of the document, please get in touch.

Want to support us?

One of the best ways you can help the project is by spreading the word. If you’re a content creator, please give our standard a try in your reviews and evaluation of laptops! If you’re not, we’d love it if you helped spread the word to your friends and family.